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Virtual Camp Guidelines



Our camps are staffed by university students and Concordia student-athletes with prior experience as coaches or camp counsellors.

Communication Information

If there are specific concerns (i.e. registration info, payments, concerns about camp) please contact Krzysztof Kmiecik, the Summer Camp Coordinator.

Krzysztof Kmiecik
Summer Camp Coordinator

Daily activities at camp

The daily activity plan is designed to stimulate the development of children by engaging in age-appropriate activities. The weekly schedule will be emailed to parents one week in advance in order for parents to have the proper equipment or supplies at home for the scheduled activities.

Absences and Late Policy

If your child is going to be late or absent from camp for the day, you are required to email before 9 a.m. Please indicate your child’s name as well as the day he or she will be absent.

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session and the online session will be closed once everyone is in attendance. The counsellors will also have the authority to allow campers into the meeting/classroom at the start of each session.

Parental Guide to Virtual Camp

A waiting room will be set up, only registered participants will be allowed into the room. There will be one instructor and one host on each Zoom call. The host will be responsible for monitoring behavior, inappropriate writing on the screen and monitoring the chats for questions.
As children sign into Zoom, they can change their name (the … in the upper right corner of their photo) preferably to their first name only.
We will be recording our sessions for a few reasons:

  • To allow us to review any behavior issues as they are brought up.
  • To allow us to use as a marketing tool if and when necessary. If full names are there we will take every measure to ensure that they are not visible.
  • To allow us to evaluate our programming and make improvements.
  • To allow us to evaluate our staff and help them improve.

Google Classroom will only allow those that have registered in the class access to the program information.

Please ensure that your phone number is up to date in Active Net. We do not require you to be in the same room as your child however we may need to contact you for the following reasons:

  • If your child is having technical issues - i.e. was removed from the meeting for some reason and cannot get access back in.
  • There is a behavioral issue that we feel you need to be aware of.
  • If your child is about to do something that we deem is unsafe.
  • If you child leaves the screen for more than a couple minutes without us knowing where they are going.

We want everyone to have a great time at camp. Below are some guidelines to help ensure that we will all enjoy our time at camp. Please review the following guidelines with your child:

  • Be respectful – do not type something in a chat that you would not say in person.
  • Be kind and encouraging in your responses to others. Do not be critical of their work. They are excited to share and we are excited to see what everyone is creating.
  • Mute your microphone when you are not talking. If there is noise in the background, it does not interfere when others are talking.
  • Classes will start at the scheduled time. It is ok to be a bit early. The counsellor will allow you into the classroom.
  • Be present – find a place at home where you will not be distracted so you can be a part of the class.
  • Check your space out before you start your live class. Be sure it is free of breakable items and there is some room to move. We will be doing some physical activity and want you to have a safe environment to move around. It does not need to be a large space but some movement space would be great.
  • If you need to leave the screen for a few minutes (i.e. need a bathroom break), please message the instructor in the chat so we know that you are ok.

We will send an email to camp registrants no later than Wednesday prior to the start of camp. This will include the Zoom and Google Classroom invites, as well as instructions if you have never used these platforms. It will also include a supply list of what we will require each day. We are assuming everyone will have coloring utensils (markers, crayons or pencil crayons), paper, pencil, eraser, scissors, glue and tape.                                            

We would like to ask for your patience as we work through this new format.

Parental Conduct

Our leaders seek to provide an excellent experience for your children during their time at camp. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, we invite you to discuss this with the leaders in a manner that is appropriate and respectful. If you would rather discuss an issue with a coordinator, please feel free to do so. Our aim is to exceed your expectations with the programs that we offer. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the summer camp coordinator.                                                                                                        

Krzysztof Kmiecik
Summer Camp Coordinator


Payment Policy:

Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Payment must be made by debit or credit card only.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy:                                   

All sales are final. There will be no refunds issued once a registration is complete.

Sickness Policy

If your child is sick during camp, you will be contacted and if you are not available, we will call the emergency contact.                                                             


If your child has any medical conditions (asthma, allergies etc.) or any changes to a medical condition, we need to be notified at the beginning of camp. Children must always have their medication with them. Your child must be able to administer their own medication without assistance. Should there be an emergency involving your child, you will be contacted as soon as possible following the notification of any necessary emergency personnel.


In case of an emergency, our camp coordinator or another staff member will contact parents or legal guardians as identified on the registration form. It is important to complete and update your medical forms - including emergency contacts - prior to the first day of camp.