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Virtual Summer Camp


Concordia Athletics Camps is offering a modified camp program for summer 2020. The purpose of offering a virtual summer camp is to provide campers ages 9+ with skill development exercises, fun activities and games, a sense of community and the ability to safely make new friends.

Although we have altered the fundamental structure of summer camps, we are delivering the same authentic, professional, and empowering experiences that participants are used to receiving from our programming.

AGES: 9+

COST (per week): $60 for half day, $100 for full day 

  • Campers will participate in skill development exercises, workouts and soccer challenges by meeting their counsellors and other campers online and through video content on a daily basis.
  • Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. - noon
  • Campers will participate in skill development exercises, workouts and hockey challenges by meeting their counsellors and other campers online and through video content on a daily basis.
  • Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. - noon
  • Campers will participate in multi-activity programming such as math, science, cooking, French, art, dance and games by meeting their counsellors, other campers and experts from Concordia’s faculties online and through video content on a daily basis.
  • Monday to Friday: 1 - 4 p.m.

Week 1 July 6-10 Week 4 July 27-31
Week 2 July 13-17 Week 5 Aug. 3-7
Week 3 July 20-24 Week 6 Aug. 10-14

Subject to change.

9 a.m. Live check-in: Camp rules, group norms, icebreakers and games to get energized.
9:30 a.m. Daily development skill: Three days a week the counsellors will present and demonstrate a daily skill and proper technique to work on individually. Two days a week the group will participate in fitness workouts. 
9:45 a.m. Off-line drill development or workout: Campers work on their skill via instructional video. At this time campers can also request to meet with their counsellors for live feedback or further instruction. 
11:30 a.m. Live skills challenge: Counsellors announce skills challenge for campers to participate in.  
12 - 12:15 p.m. Live checkout: Recap of the day and announcements.

Subject to change. Each day has a different activity/theme.

1 - 1:15 p.m. Live check-in (daily welcome/pep rally).
1:15 - 2 p.m.  Huddle online: Group breakout sessions: icebreakers, group games, team building activities and announcements.
2 - 3:30 p.m. Hands on activity online  
  • Monday: STEM
  • Tuesday: Math
  • Wednesday: French
  • Thursday: Sports/physical activity
  • Friday: Fun/miscellaneous (ex: cooking, art, games)

3:30 - 4 p.m.  

Huddle back online: Closing for the day, reflections, group challenges, group announcements and participation highlights. 
Virtual summer camp
  • To keep the spirit of summer camp alive.
  • To give youth a variety of fun and educational content online.
  • To give parents and guardians a rest from planning activities and games for their children.
  • To help connect youth with their camp friends or make new friends.
  • Campers are a part of virtual group with pre-recorded and live content with staff from Concordia Athletics Camps and other registered campers.
  • Our staff is carefully selected; each one has had an extensive interview and background check prior to being hired.
  • Our staff participates in a mandatory training which encompasses; safety, leadership/supervision, youth development, being a role model, activity planning and camp curriculum.
  • A valid parent/guardian email address that is checked regularly.
  • A laptop or a desktop will work best; however, a tablet will work as well. As a last resort, you can also use a phone, but we recommend a larger screen for a better experience.
  • A working webcam, audio, microphone and stable Wi-Fi.
  • A comfortable and quiet work area. Some of our virtual camp sessions do include physical activity, so space to move around is highly encouraged.
  • Our staff is trained to guide the campers through the daily program without parental assistance. However, this depends on the comfort of your child with technology and the ability to work independently. You are welcome to stay with your child during the sessions if you feel it is necessary.
  • The camp is offered in the morning and in the afternoon in order to provide 2-3 hours of daily live engagement with a parent nearby, but not participating directly.
  • The live engagement portions are broken up throughout the camp day to allow off-screen breaks and completion of off-line camp activities.
  • Almost every traditional camp activity is adjusted to the virtual platform called: Zoom.
  • Campers will have one exclusive link to access our virtual camp.
  • All activities are designed to take place in the home or backyard and mixed with plenty of off-screen challenges and contests during the camp day. We will email the daily/weekly schedule.
  • We also include a list of readily accessible supplies and equipment that might be needed in advance.
  • Campers will use functions such as Raise Hand, Mute/Unmute, Chat and Clap. All features are contained within the zoom platform.
  • Staff will operate the secure file and video sharing feature, a text/chat tool and create a poll.
  • The campers must keep their video on for the duration of the live portions to ensure they stay focused and to ease communication with our staff.
  • Only enrolled campers can get access to the platform; this is not a public access platform. The campers names are the only data kept in the virtual platform.
  • A feature of the platform is the breakout room option which allows staff flexibility in supervision.
  • The breakout rooms can be used for games, for advanced campers and for paying attention to campers who need it.
  • Behavior and internet safety expectations are reviewed each morning with campers and reminders are given throughout the camp day. Content is produced and streamed by Concordia Athletics Camps staff.
  • Staff and campers cannot change how their name is displayed in the activity rooms.
  • The staff has the right to remove participants or to suspend a camper temporarily.
  • The ratio maintained is a minimum of two staff on every call and in each breakout/activity room.