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Student-Athlete Services

At Concordia University, Student-Athlete Services are about providing vital and timely advice and/or support to our student athletes.

The following services are provided to all students-athletes:

  • Study space - a dedicated study space is provided in the Recreation and Athletics complex on the Loyola campus

  • Access to Concordia Fitness Facilities - an authorized pass is required and this is arranged by the Head Coach of each program

  • Educational information about nutrition and the risks associated with the consumption of banned substances

  • Strength and Conditioning - organized in consultation with the Head Coach of each program

The following privileges may vary according to the program. Consult your Head Coach about the following:

  • Athletic Financial Awards - these are financial awards provided strictly to student-athletes as per Canadian Interuniversity Sport rules and regulations.

  • Athletic Therapy - the availability of these services is determined by program.