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Concordia Athletes of the Year

Sally Kemp Award

This prestigious award is presented to the outstanding female athlete at Concordia University. The recipient must have made a strong contribution to her team's success, demonstrated athletic prowess, leadership and a commitment to excellence. She must be in good academic standing.

Year Athlete Sport
2023-24 Serena Tchida Basketball
2022-23 Emmy Fecteau Hockey
2021-22 Stéphanie Lalancette Hockey
2019-20 Rosalie Bégin-Cyr Hockey
2018-19 Jade Dufour Wrestling
2017-18 Frédérique Rajotte Rugby
2016-17 Alexandra Tessier Rugby
2015-16 Frédérique Rajotte Rugby
2014-15 Alex Tessier Rugby
2013-14 Veronica Keefe Wrestling
2012-13 Kaylah Barrett Basketball
2011-12 Hughanna Gaw Rugby
2010-11 Jackie Tittley Rugby
  Nikita Chicoine Wrestling
2009-10 Jackie Tittley Rugby
2008-09 Nikita Chicoine Wrestling
2007-08 Sydney Theriault Rugby
2006-07 Hana Askren Wrestling
2005-06 Melanie Poirier Soccer
2004-05 Cecilia Anderson Hockey
2003-04 Martine Dugrenier Wrestling
2002-03 Marie-Claude Allard Hockey
Martine Dugrenier Wrestling
2001-02 Martine Dugrenier Wrestling
Sommer Christie Rugby
2000-01 Lisa-Marie Breton Hockey
1999-00 Tamara Medwidsky Wrestling
1998-99 Corinne Swirsky Hockey
1997-98 Corinne Swirsky Hockey
1996-97 Corinne Swirsky Hockey
1995-96 Cassandra Bardo Volleyball
1994-95 Cammi Granato Hockey
1993-94 Natasha Wesch Rugby
1992-93 Cassandra Bardo Volleyball
1991-92 Marie-Claude Roy Hockey
1990-91 Laura Leslie Hockey
1989-90 Annie Caron Hockey
1988-89 Therese Brisson Hockey
1987-88 Therese Brisson Hockey
1986-87 Carol Assalian Basketball
1985-86 Karen Kane Basketball
1984-85 Jane Bullock Basketball
1983-84 Maureen Maloney Hockey
1982-83 Joann Bourque Basketball
1981-82 Corinne Corcoran Hockey
1980-81 Joann Bourque Basketball
1979-80 Denise Bienvenu Hockey
1978-79 Linda Macpherson Basketball
1977-78 Sydney Bennett
1976-77 Liz Silcott Basketball
1975-76 Marjorie Ross Hockey/Basketball
1973-74 Donna Mccallum (SGW) Volleyball
Diane Quart (LOY) Basketball
1972-73 Diane Quart (LOY) Basketball
1971-72 Diane Quart (LOY) Basketball
1970-71 Diane Quart (LOY) Basketball
1959-60 Donna McCallum (SGW) Volleyball
1954-55 Frances Williams (SGW) Basketball/Badminton
1946-47 Betty Wilcox (SGW)

Dr. Robert J. Brodrick Award

This prestigious award is presented to the outstanding male athlete at Concordia University. The recipient must have made a strong contribution to his team's success, demonstrated athletic prowess, leadership and a commitment to excellence. He must be in good academic standing.

Year Athlete sport
2023-24 Sami Jahan Basketball
2022-23 Alex Moore Wrestling
2021-22 Olivier Roy Football
2019-20 Adam Vance Football
2018-19 Ricardo Monge Basketball
2017-18 Francis Carter Wrestling
2017-18 Anthony Beauregard Hockey
2016-17 Anthony De Luca Hockey
2015-16 Trenton Miller Football
2014-15 Olivier Hinse Hockey
2013-14 Joseph Fulginiti Rugby
2012-13 David Tremblay Wrestling
2011-12 David Tremblay Wrestling
2011-12 Max Caron Football
2010-11 David Tremblay Wrestling
2009-10 Cory Greenwood Football
2008-09 Damian Buckley Basketball
2007-08 Damian Buckley Basketball
2006-07 Patrick Donovan Football
2005-06 David Zilberman Wrestling
2004-05 Philippe Langlois Basketball
2003-04 Jean Michel Paquette Football
2002-03 Chris Page Hockey
2001-02 Jean Michel Paquette Football
2000-01 Matt Garston Rugby
1999-00 Frank Pons Soccer
1998-99 Dwayne Bromfield Football
1997-98 Dave Miller-Johnston Football
1996-97 Leigh Jason Quilliams Skiing
1995-96 Gaetan Prosper Basketball
1994-95 Emerson Thomas Basketball
1993-94 Paul Chesser Football
1992-93 Dexter John Basketball
1991-92 Rob Dawson Wrestling
1990-91 Nick Arvanitis Basketball
1989-90 Rob Dawson Wrestling
1988-89 Mark Mahon Hockey
1987-88 Richard Laplante Hockey
1986-87 Craig Norman Basketball
Mike Sullivan Wrestling
1985-86 Mark Kosturik Hockey
1984-85 Nick Benjamin Football
Pat Sullivan Wrestling
1983-84 Gilles Hébert Hockey
1982-83 Stéphane Héon Hockey
1981-82 Gerry Prud'homme Football
1980-81 Gary McKeigan Basketball
1978-79 Michel Blais Hockey
1977-78 Michael Hume
1976-77 Glenn Tomalty Hockey
1975-76 Jim Corsi Soccer/Hockey
1972-73 Bernie Wolfe (SGW) Hockey
1970-71 Mike McNamara (SGW) Hockey
Larry Carriere (LOY) Hockey
1967-68 Rick Dawson (LOY) Hockey
Bill Peel (SGW) Track
1966-67 Bob Berry (SGW) Hockey
Brian Hughes (LOY) Hockey
1965-66 Michael Barkun (SGW) Basketball
1964-65 J. Elliot (SGW) Basketball
Trevor Kerr (SGW) Hockey
1963-64 Dave Dies (SGW) Hockey
Warren Sutton (SGW) Basketball
Harry Hus (LOY) Soccer
1962-63 Gerry Strachowski (SGW) Soccer
1961-62 Harvey Wells (SGW) Hockey
1960-61 Willie Epstein (SGW) Basketball
1959-60 Willie Epstein (SGW) Basketball
1958-59 Ricky Freitag (SGW) Basketball
1957-58 Richard MacKay (SGW) Basketball
1956-57 Pat Baker (SGW) Basketball
1955-56 Al Mikalachki (SGW) Basketball/Tennis
1953-54 Abe Limonchik (SGW) Track & Field/Hockey
1952-53 Dick Thompson (SGW) Basketball
1951-52 Don Goldberg (SGW) Basketball
1950-51 Herb Shannon (SGW) Basketball
1949-50 Bill Ransom (SGW) Hockey
1948-49 Stan Kis (SGW) Basketball
1947-48 Ross Bannerman (SGW) Basketball