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Sports Hall of Fame Inductee

Theresa Humes

Theresa Humes Builder

Inducted in 1997 as a Builder

Institution: Concordia

THERESA HUMES has been instrumental in making women's sports and recreational activities a proud tradition at Concordia University. She began working in the Department of Recreation and Athletics in 1975. Her first responsibility was women's intramurals, where she was inspired by the eagerness of the students and their commitment to fitness. During her career Theresa also devoted many hours to the sports information office. In 1978, Theresa took over the duties of Director of Women's Athletics. She alone pushed for excellence and equality in women's sports in an era when it was not fashionable to do so. Under her tutelage women's programs not only survived but flourished. While Theresa took great pride in the accomplishments of all the teams, women's hockey always held a special place in her heart. In 1985, the women's hockey team honored her by naming its prestigious annual tournament after her.